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Combination gear drives provide the ability to operate a pumping system with two separate power sources. A vertical hollow shaft electric motor is mounted on top of the combination gear drive. A coupling is placed on the pump head shaft between the electric motor and gear drive. The coupling is used to disconnect the gear drive from the system when the electric motor operates the pump. Depending on the coupling design, the change over from electric to engine power may be manual or automatic.

When the engine is used to power the pump, the coupling is engaged rotating the electric motor and pump as one. The electric motor normally carries the pump thrust, as the pump adjusting nut is located at the top of the electric motor. For this reason DE’RAN combination gear drives are designed to operate with or without thrust from the pump.

The DE’RAN automatic or manual couplings have a special design which maintains the pump head shaft alignment by holding the pump shaft centered under all operating conditions, whether engaged or disengaged. This design eliminates pump head shaft whip and vibration.

Manual coupling change over from electric to engine power requires only an adjustable wrench. No corroded set screws, or sliding of frozen coupling halves up and down the pump head shaft.

The DE’RAN combination gear drive is designed with the end user in mind. Affordable, simple to operate, easy to maintain, and always reliable.



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