Selecting A Gear Drive

There are certain parameters which should be known for the proper selection of a Gear Drive.

The horsepower requirement of the pump or driven element.

The Pump Speed.

The Engine Speed.

The Service Factor Required

Will the output shaft of the gear drive be hollow, or vertical solid shaft?






What is the rotation of the pump?

______ CW (Clockwise) ______ CW (Counter
(As viewed from above the gear drive)

What is the rotation of the engine?

______ CW (Clockwise) ______ CW (Counter
(As viewed facing the cooling fan of the engine, or the input shaft of the gear drive)

With the preceding information:

A.  The ratio is found by dividing the input r.p.m. by the output r.p.m.

B.  Select the closest ratio from the gear drive specification chart.

C.  Match the pump r.p.m. and horsepower required.  Then follow that line to the right until the  proper ratio is found

D.  Verify that the thrust load required is less than or equal to the catalogue rating.

E.  If you have any question, fax, email, or call your requirements to us and we will size the gear drive for you.  We would be happy to answer your request promptly.

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