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DE'RAN GEAR, INC., is a Don Randolph Company. Don Randolph has been designing and building gear drives since 1951, and has remained active in designing and building gear drives for the most severe applications. The original Gear Case Design has remained in continuous production since 1951 and is still our most popular size Gear Drive. With a history of more than 170,000 gear drives that bear his name operating on six continents, he now offers the latest designs that will prove even more reliable than those of previous designs. Long life and service are our proven trademark.

Don Randolph operated RANDOLPH MANUFACTURING COMPANY from 1951 until 1980, active in the design and manufacturing of right angle gear drives. In 1980, DE'RAN GEAR, Inc. was formed as a manufacturer of right angle gear drives, concentrating on the propeller pump gear drive market.

DE'RAN Municipal and Industrial gear drives are constructed with spiral bevel gears, case hardened for long wear life, matched and lapped in sets to assure quiet operation. Bearings are precision ball and roller type, sized to give long life and reliable service. Bearing life exceeds AGMA standards. Shafts are large for rigid positioning of gear set and high safety factors for transmitting torque without fatigue and breakage.

Don Randolph began Fan Cooling of Gear Drives more than 30 years ago. Fan Cooling will reduce the oil temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The reduction in oil temperature will double the life of the lubricating oil. This feature is provided on DE’RAN Gear Drives at no extra charge, to provide longer lasting, more durable Gear Drives. Fan cooling of models J20 - G200B is used to prevent over heating of lubricating oil in temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius without use of cooling water. Models G250A - F1200A Require water cooling.

The DE'RAN gear drive is for use with vertical pumps of all types when driven by horizontal engines or electric motors. They are available in a wide range of ratios to adapt engine speeds of 800 rpm to 2600 rpm to pump speeds of 300 to 3600 rpm.

The applications of these gear drives are for municipal water and sewage pumping, fire fighting and flood control. Their most frequent use is lifting water from underground sources by vertical turbine pumps.

At DE’RAN GEAR our standard warranty has always been 2 years. Extended warranty programs are also available.

We look forward to helping you adapt our product to your specific application.

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De'Ran Gear, INC.
9405 North County Road 2000

FAX (806) 746-6518
PHONE (806) 746-6926


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