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View Turbine Pump Drive Tables
DE’RAN gear drives are for use with vertical turbine pumps of all types when driven by horizontal engines or electric motors. They are available in a wide range of ratios, to adapt engine speeds of 800 rpm tp 2600 rpm to pump speeds of 300 to 3600 rpm.

Typical uses include but are not limited to irrigation, sewage pumping, de-watering, municipal water, and marine applications.

Only the highest quality components are used in DE’RAN proven designs. High efficiency spiral bevel gears, anti-friction taper roller and ball bearings are incorporated through out the product line, meeting and exceeding all American Gear Manufacturers Association specifications. Catalogue ratings include a minimum AGMA 1.5 Service Factor.

Models J20 thru G200B are fan cooled. No water cooling is required on these models when operated at the catalogue rating. Water cooling, if requested, is available as an option on most models.

The pin type non-reverse is standard on all turbine pump drives. The sprag non-reverse is available as an option on models G40A thru G200B. Models G250A and larger include both the pin type and sprag non-reverse as a standard feature.

If you require the finest design, and the longest service life available for your application, DE’RAN Gear Drives should be specified.

Turbine Pump Drives are available for specific applications.

1. Special Rotations
2. Vertical Solid Shaft
3. Upthrust or Zero Thrust Applications
4. Slant Applications

Please contact the factory with your specific application.

Product capacity and dimensional information are available from the VIEW TABLES icon.



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