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Wind machines are used in agriculture to help protect crops from frost damage. Wind machines are used in the spring to protect fruit tree blossoms , and in the fall to protect the fruit that is still in the field. At DE’RAN, we produce gear drives for Wind Machine Manufacturers.

DE’RAN FAN DRIVES are manufactured in an ultra modern 54,000 Sq. Ft. Gear Facility. Personnel on staff have up to 47 years continuos experience building more than 170,000 heavy duty, long lasting Gear Drives, serving Industrial, Municipal, Oil field, and Agricultural needs on six continents. Gear drives have been our only business for 47 years.

DE’RAN FAN DRIVES are built with the largest capacity anti-friction bearings of any Fan Drives available today.

The bearings have a B10 design life of 18,000 hours to provide long life and rigid mounting of gear sets.

DE’RAN FAN DRIVES have a more efficient design with lubricant being pumped over gears and bearings rather than the submerged splash lubrication. This feature reduces friction and heat for more efficient operating. This means more transmitted horse power reaches the fan.

Fan cooling of Gear Drives was begun by Don Randolph more than 30 years ago. Fan Cooling will reduce the oil temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more. This 20 degree reduction in oil temperature will double the life of the lubricating oil. This feature is provided on DE’RAN GEAR DRIVES at no extra charge, to provide longer lasting more durable gear drives.

Dimension prints and ratings are available by fax or email.


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